Potential Risks of New Blood Pressure Guidelines

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology released new guidelines recommending more aggressive blood pressure treatment. They lowered the threshold at which treatment should begin. They now consider blood pressure of 130/80 or above to be elevated.

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Testimonial: Mucuna Pruriens for a Calmer Mind

Customer testimonial via email:

I began taking a Mucuna Pruriens pill in February 2017 to help quit smoking and to deal with the stress of my wife's medical problems. The quitting smoking did not happen, but I've now been taking it every day, upon waking, prior to eating breakfast. The effect seems to last for easily 12 hours, sometimes longer.

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Do Supplements Have Nutritional Benefits?

Question: I take it that herbs or fruit extracts that come in supplement pills, by definition are considered as having some pharmacological properties to them, correct? Can one then also speak of herbs providing some sort of nutrition to the body, meaning providing nutrients to the body, not just acting like a natural drug?

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