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Customer testimonial via email:

I began taking a Mucuna Pruriens pill in February 2017 to help quit smoking and to deal with the stress of my wife's medical problems. The quitting smoking did not happen, but I've now been taking it every day, upon waking, prior to eating breakfast. The effect seems to last for easily 12 hours, sometimes longer. I've had no jitters, no problems sleeping (although I often take melatonin), and no problems with appetite or functionality. It seems to help me "think better," or maybe to remain more objective. When some new crisis happens, I'll feel a massive heat-wave of adrenalin, but it dissipates within 30 minutes and I can think calmly. I don't know that I would have been capable of handling the never-ending emergencies and the myriad ongoing details of managing our personal life while dealing with the health problems. It's only the two of us, and I'm 65, she's 60. I can't think of any other medication, supplement or herb that does what this stuff does to me. And I've tried many of them, although not so much the pharmaceuticals. I would propose that Dr. Sahelian might consider further study of this as an alternative natural antidepressant or for anxiety management.

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