According to recent trends, some people are increasingly turning to brain-enhancing drugs like Ritalin to enhance their performance in school or at work. Surveys on college campuses have found that drugs like Novartis' Ritalin, or methylphenidate, and Cephalon's Provigil, or modafinil, for narcolepsy are being used by students, professors and others as a way to get a competitive edge.
   Most people are not aware that there are quite a number of natural pills that improve concentration, focus and alertness and these are much safer than the prescription drugs. Some of the well known natural mind boosters include acetyl l-carnitine, DMAE, ginkgo biloba, trimethylglycine, dimethylglycine, cdp-choline, and bacopa monnieri. High dosages of DMAE can cause tenseness. A good combination I have formulated is Mind Power Rx which includes most of these supplements, including bacopa (see below). My book, Mind Boosters, has a full review of these, and other, mind enhancing supplements. See