Did you know that if you have high blood pressure and you eat garlic or perhaps take garlic pills your blood pressure could be reduced? Doctors at Hartford Hospital, in Hartford, CT, reviewed several studies with garlic done in the last few years and concluded that the use of this herb, on average, can help systolic blood pressure drop by 16 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 9 mmHg. The use of garlic apparently did not reduce blood pressure in those with normal blood pressure. A review by another team of researchers at The University of Adelaide in South Australia found garlic reduced systolic blood pressure by 8 mm Hg, on average, and diastolic blood pressure by 7 mm Hg. The amount of garlic used in the studies was about a gram, providing about 5 mg of allicin, one of the active ingredients in this herb.

   My comments: If you have hypertension you may consider eating more garlic or taking a garlic supplement. Sulfides present in garlic are converted by red blood cells into hydrogen sulfide which helps to dilate blood vessels. Each garlic clove weighs about 3 to 5 grams.  See http://www.raysahelian.com/garlic.html