I live in China and bought 3 bottles of Passion RX with Yohimbe recently, which were mailed from the U.S, and started to take it several days ago. Yesterday I read a piece of information in a newspaper that Viagra could reduce the the level of activity of sperm. I wonder if Passion RX also
has such kind of side effect, or just vice versa... I read also that Yohimbe has very 
bad side effects and is forbidden in some countries, but up to now I can see good effect of Passion Rx on me, but no side effect. Can I go on taking it? 


 A. The formula of Passion Rx has more than a dozen herbs and is completely different than Viagra which is a drug that blocks the activity of one enzyme. We have not tested Passion Rx on sperm quality but some of the ingredients in Passion Rx, such as maca, have beneficial effects on sperm health. As to yohimbe, I have been careful in putting in only small amounts of the herb in order to minimize side effects but still provide benefits that accrue over several days of use. In the long term, Passion Rx could be taken only 2 or 3 days a week with a complete week off every month or two. Passion Rx is also available without yohimbe.

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