Twenty three cocaine-dependent patients participated in a 4-week study to determine if acetylcysteine supplementation would have an effect on cocaine craving. They received N-acetylcysteine at doses of 1200 mg/day, 2400 mg/day or 3600 mg/day. All three doses were well tolerated. The majority of subjects who completed the study either terminated use of cocaine completely or significantly reduced their use of cocaine during treatment.    

Comments: It is exciting to know that readily available and inexpensive supplements are being tested to determine their potential in reducing drug dependence. There is so much potential in the use of natural supplements for a number of medical conditions. It excites me when I come across such research whose findings can improve the lives of so many people. Longer term studies are needed to determine whether the initial benefits of acetylcysteine supplementation are sustained over time. For long term use, 1,000 mg of acetylcysteine seems reasonable.