Just wanted to stop in and thank you for the wonderful product Joint Power Rx. Your site says that it takes 4 to 6 months for improvement but I can tell you that it saved my dog a very painful joint surgery within 1 month. She is a 10 year old Queensland Heeler and is back to herding like a young dog again. I am so impressed that I have put my other dogs on it as well and am going to start taking it myself. It is just a great product! My Heeler weighs in at 35 lbs and I gave her 2 capsules each day for about 2 weeks when she showed a marked improvement; I then dropped her to one a day and she continues to do great! I can't afford to give it to the horses too... can u imagine how many capsules they would take? One horse weighs 1200 lbs. If a dose is based on 150 lbs and its 4 capsules for that weight my 1200 pounder would need 30 capsules per day... holy cow! OH well, keep making the stuff for me and my pooches..