I have a 7 year old that was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5. We ran through all the trials with non-stimulant ADHD meds and finally settled with using Strattera and he was on that for a year. He had horrible dreams and didn't sleep well because of it. About 6 months before we took him off the medication we added fish oil capsules each day at the advice of a pharmacist friend. When we did take him off Strattera he had withdrawal symptoms such as stomach pain, headaches and achy all over along with not being able to sleep. After all the withdrawal symptoms went away we could still tell that the fish oil was helping tremendously since we would occasionally run out. After just a few days the ADHD symptoms would return full throttle. We still needed to level out his behavior so we decided to go to a more organic diet. Again we saw improvement with his behavior and noticed that if he had processed food that his symptoms returned completely. Finally a year ago our family changed to a vegetarian diet which still includes organic items from the middle isles of the grocery store, we still eat eggs and some cheese but do not drink cow's milk. Complete change in our son! He still has some focus problems with school which cause retention issues but it is a drastic change from what we saw at 5 years old starting school. He has now been eating a vegetarian diet for a year, been on fish oil for about 18 months and off of Stattera for at least a year!

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