One of my close friends insisted that I give him suggestions on supplements to take for weight loss. Over the past few years I had been reluctant to formulate a diet pill since I was skeptical that it would work. However, since he insisted, I asked him to take a combination of several key herbs. I had tried these herbs before by themselves and had noticed a mild appetite suppressing effect from some of them. I thought perhaps the combination would have some benefit. Within a week he called me to say his appetite had been significantly reduced and he had lost a few pounds. This encouraged me and I started further experimenting with each ingredient separately and then together. I then had my research staff and any friends and patients I could recruit try the combination of ingredients. The feedback was tremendous. Everyone reported that they were eating less. The first batch of Diet Rx was finalized by the manufacturer in October 2007 and I eagerly tested the final product on myself. I took two capsules the first morning and forgot I had taken them since it was a busy day. At 2 pm in the afternoon I realized that I had only eaten a light breakfast and had little interest in eating lunch. The effects mostly wore off by evening and I had a normal dinner but did not feel the urge to have dessert or a fruit salad. The next day I again took two capsules and this time the effects were more pronounced. I also felt that I had a lot of natural energy which motivated me to take a long walk. After 7 days of taking 2 capsules of Diet Rx (one day I took 4 but it gave me too much energy), I had lost three pounds. I really don't need to lose weight but it is reassuring to know that if I ever add a few extra pounds, there is an effective appetite suppressant that I can rely on.
   Interestingly, many people have said that, after they stopped or ran out of the pills, the appetite suppression lasted a day or two more. If you tend to consume most of your calories late at night, you may consider taking the Diet Rx pills mid morning or early afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning.

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