I began taking 1 gram of turmeric curcumin several years ago for possible Alzheimer’s prevention. Both my father and father-in-law have Alzheimer’s, and my personal physician agreed it certainly wouldn’t hurt and might just help. Recently, I came across several articles about the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric being tested for arthritis as well, and decided to increase my dose to 2 grams per day. I had been experiencing arthritic pain in my thumb and hip for over a year and was concerned about the NSAIDs (like Motrin, Naproxen) which I was taking at increasing doses and frequency…as well as the very limited relief I was getting. I was already taking 1500mg Glucosamine/1200mg Chondroitin/MSM daily. After a week or two at the 2 gram dose of turmeric, my arthritis pain is virtually GONE and I haven’t taken any other NSAIDs. See http://www.raysahelian.com/turmeric.html