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Question: I have ordered Passion Rx with yohimbe, tongkat ali and LJ100 from you for several years. I wanted to let you know that these three products work quite well. Within two days of taking them, I notice, without a doubt, increased sexual energy, better erections, and enhanced sensation. I feel more sexually alive. But, on the down side, tongkat ali does effect my sleep and I feel my body becomes too warm. I have experimented with different dosages and find that I prefer taking smaller amounts and being patient for 3, 4, or 5 days rather than a higher amount for a quick effect.

Answer: Yes, these products definitely work but the down side is shallow sleep. As you mention some people do better taking less, for instance half a capsule in the morning of any of these products for a few days instead of a full capsule. It takes trial and error to find the amount and frequency that works effectively with the fewest side effects. Learn more about tongkat ali.

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