Natural Sex Boosters kitI am a 61 year old male in good health, taking no medications, except the occasional use of Viagra which is not working as well as it did years ago. My doctor told me my blood pressure and blood sugar are excellent. Although my wife and I have a good sexual relationship, I find it harder to satisfy her. I used to buy 100 mg Viagra pills and take a quarter of it, and now I need half, or even a full pill, to have a strong erection. However, I wanted to share some good news with you. In the past few months I have tried a number of natural herbal aphrodisiac pills to see if my libido and performance could improve. So far I have tried arginine amino acid, ginseng herb, rhodiola extract, damiana herb, Passion Rx with Yohimbe, tongkat ali 200 mg and LJ100 25 mg (which is a tongkat ali extract). The latter 3 products worked the best. I did not notice much from the amino acids or damiana herb. I now try Passion Rx with Yohimbe, or tongkat ali, two or three days in a row before sexual activity, and, on the day of activity, I take a quarter of the Viagra pill. The herbs seem to prime or pump me up and the additional of the Viagra on the very day (since the medication works within hours) seem to be a great combination. I just wanted to share this with you since it is an example of combining herbal medicine and modern medicine together for optimal benefits that you often talk about. I really feel that my intimacy and sexual relations have improved to back what they were a decade or two ago.

Response: Yes, this is my overall philosophy in medicine. Ideally I prefer trying the natural approach. If not effective alone then combining such an approach with modern medications (hopefully at a lower dose to minimize side effects).

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