We recently received this email testimonial:
"Hello Dr. Sahelian, I too am a physician and recently tried Sam-E after it was recommended for my dog. I researched it for a bit and thought I’d try it for my chronic dysthymia / depression. I have tried everything else over the years, and I mean everything. The results: 1) My chronic depression has lifted after only about 2 weeks on Sam-E. It has truly been a miracle. No discernible side effects. I now know what normal feels like. 2) My libido, which has been very low my whole life, has become what I believe is a normal libido (for someone over 60), something I have never felt in my life. I’ve been on everything including testosterone supplements but nothing helped. This is NOT placebo effect. I literally even have changes in my skin including very mild acne. I haven’t changed anything else in my diet or meds (BP and cholesterol meds). Just wanted to let you know as your web site was informative.
   A. Yes, it is not a placebo effect. SAM-E is a reliable mood booster.
Q. Dr. Sahelian, I wonder if you know of a source of SAM-E that is 100 mg. Most of the ones that I see in health food stores are either 200 mg per pill or 400 mg. I only take a portion of a 200 mg pill and it works for me. When I take 200 mg I feel too revved up and can't sleep.
   A. Yes, 100 mg SAM-e pills are available online, see
SAM-e supplement. I also want to mention new research that has found omega-3 supplementation in those who are already on prescription antidepressants helps improve mood. Researchers reviewed the findings of eight clinical trials worldwide and concluded that the supplements appear to help battle depression in people already on medication. See www.raysahelian.com/fishoils.html. The researchers found no major safety concerns in combining the two therapies (fish oils and prescription antidepressants). I suspect the combination of fish oils and SAM-e may also provide good benefits. As to how much fish oils to take, 2 to 4 capsules a day seems reasonable along with 50 or 100 mg of SAM-e.