I recently had a patient who reported having difficulty sleeping for the past few months. He is a 46 year old landscape architect and had been to two other doctors who had not spent too much time with him to figure our the root cause but had prescribed sleeping pills instead. One doctor prescribed Ambien, the other prescribed Restoril. Even though these sleeping pills worked well, he just did not want to rely on them. Plus, he was noticing that they were affecting his memory. I did a thorough review of his dietary and lifestyle history. A few months ago he had heard on the news of the health benefits of green tea. As a result he had started with a cup or two a day but had gradually increased this to 4 to 6 cups a day, thinking the more the better not realizing that some of the stimulants in the green tea were causing the shallow sleep. Within three days of stopping the green tea his sleep resumed back to normal. Although tea drinking has many benefits, one has to be cautious not to overdo it, just like coffee. He plans to resume drinking only one or two cups a day, and not any after lunch. See http://www.raysahelian.com/sleep.html.