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Testimonial about mucuna pruriens herb

In my quest to find out why I smoke, thereby to quit smoking, I thought that boosting dopamine receptors in the brain would give that "reward" that nicotine supposedly is providing. I bought a bottle of the mucuna pruriens herb and noticed that it had no effect on my desire to smoke, but had a very strong impact on my nervous tension and anxiety. Shortly after this, my best lady was admitted to the hospital for acute renal failure. I began taking one of the capsules each day, prior to my going to visit in the hospital. I can't say enough about how effective this has been in managing my stress levels! For many people, the enhanced dopamine effect may just increase mood, libido or whatever else. But for me, in my stressed-out world, this herb seems to provide optimism. I can think more clearly, without the panic attacks of each new lab result, test, diagnosis and whatnot. I have a better "outlook" on events, and can navigate the days without being overwhelmed and pushed into depression.

A. This is interesting, others have also noted the ability to handle stress better. Read more about the mucuna pruriens herb.

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