If you are middle aged or older you probably have  noticed some degree of visual decline. Fine print is more difficult to read, colors are not as bright, and distant objects are not in focus as much. Some of you may have already started wearing glasses. Eyesight Rx is ideally suited to help those with age-related visual decline although it could easily offer a benefit to those who have been wearing glasses for a long time.

   I have been experimenting with the Eyesight Rx formula for several years, adding different herbs and nutrients, changing the dosages, etc. The latest version now available is the one I am extremely satisfied with. It comes as a tablet that melts under the tongue and it is taken first thing in the morning. Some people may notice the benefits the first day, for others it may take several days. The vast majority will notice visual enhancement by the end of the first week. Once you notice a visual enhancement, take less the next day. Once the nutrients replace the shortages in your retina, your requirement will be less and you can reduce the dosage to half a tablet, and over time, to a third or even a quarter. Once or twice a week you may wish not to take it at all. If you take a high dosage all the time, it may not work as well or even make your eyesight fuzzy since too many of these nutrients would be supplied to your retina and cause the carotenoids or other substances in the retina to be out of balance. If this happens, just take a day or two off and resume taking the Eyesight Rx again at a lower dosage. If you are over the age of 50, use only half a tablet initially rather than a full tablet and after several days lower your amount to a third or a quarter of a tablet.

   Eyesight Rx does not supply omega-3 fish oils which are crucial to optimal vision. You may take one to three fish oil capsules a day to supply the fatty acid DHA to the retina. For more information, seehttp://www.raysahelian.com/eyesight.html 

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