I am a chiropractor and I don't think dairy products are healthy for us to consume. I am merely suggesting that you investigate the adverse effects of dairy consumption. Statistically, most people not only have an allergen to the milk sugar or the milk protein, but the adverse effects far out way any benefit. I just felt like sharing.


   One can find something wrong with just about almost every food group. People worry about fish due to contamination and high levels of mercury. Many people think soy is a poison. Our meats and chickens could have hormones. Vegetables and fruits could have pesticides and at times carry germs that cause deadly infections. Some people think we should not eat grains since these have been introduced to the human diet for only a few thousand years and the body has not adapted to them. Well. I don't think it is worthwhile to go through life constantly worrying about all the possible dangers lurking in our foods (unless a person is clearly allergic to certain food components). For practical purposes I tell my patients to select as much organic foods as possible, to consume a wide variety of foods in balanced proportions, and not to get too obsessed about this issue. I know people who avoid one or two major food groups such as dairy or grains, but then they end up consuming more sweets and sugars that make their health even worse. 

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