Q. I am trying a low dose of the prescription antidepressant Lexapro 5mg along with 100mg 5-HTP and it is working ! To avoid major interactions I take 5-htp first thing in the morning and Lexapro at lunch time.
It is possible to effectively use a combination of a prescription medication for depression and 5HTP but one has be aware daily of what the interaction is doing and then make regular changes of dosage up or down. Sometimes a particular dosage combination can be fine for a few days or weeks then the effects could accumulate and become excessive or toxic. It's a case by case basis and one has to be aware of any untoward symptoms that could occur. I think many patients who have depression could benefit from a combination of a SSRI medication and 5-HTP in a dosage of 50 mg or 100 mg as long as the dosage of the prescription antidepressant is kept very low and communication lines with the prescribing physician are kept open. See http://www.raysahelian.com/5-htp.html